Since November 2019, I'm professor at ESPCI (École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris) and


Entity mapping Entity mapping
  • The E-SSL ANR Project is accepted and will start soon. E-SSL stands for "Efficient Self-Supervised Learning for Inclusive and Innovative Speech Technologies". Bravo to Titouan Parcollet, the LIA and the LIG ! A funded PhD position on "Fair and Inclusive Self-Supervised Learning for Speech" will be co-supervised between Paris (LAMSADE) and Grenoble (LIG).
  • With Laurent Meunier, Blaise Delattre et Alex Araujo, we have a paper at ICML 2022: A Dynamical System Perspective for Lipschitz Neural Networks.
  • with the incredible team of LeBenchmark (from Grenoble and Avignon), we have a paper at NeurIPS 2021 in the datasets and benchmarks track ! Visit our repos.


Main research interest

Professor at ESPCI and Researcher in MILES Team of the LAMSADE, my research topics are Natural Language Processing and Deep learning for physical data

Older news

  • With Syrielle Montariol, we have a paper at ACL 2021: Measure and Evaluation of Semantic Divergence across Two Languages. The camera ready version will be soon available.
  • The summer school ETAL (from the GDR TAL of CNRS) will take place in Lannion (14 to 18 of June 2021). I'm very happy to teach two courses. Check out the program.
  • LeBenchmark is out: A Reproducible Framework for Assessing Self-Supervised Representation Learning from Speech. Comming soon at Interspeech 2021.
  • FlauBERT and Flue are now available: check the github repository or read our paper on arxiv.
    • FLauBERT is a a French BERT trained on a very large and heterogeneous French corpus
    • Flue is an evaluation setup for French NLP systems similar to the popular GLUE benchmark
Kuramoto-Sivashinski Word usage
  • 3 papers at the first conference on statistical machine translation, aka WMT16.

Talks on deep-learning for NLP


My postmail address (email prefered):

Alexandre Allauzen Université Dauphine - PSL, Laboratoire LAMSADE, Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 75 775 Paris Cedex 16, France.