Research Home

Main topics

I moved to ESPCI and LAMSADE in november 2019.

At LIMSI, I worked in the Spoken Language Processing group and more precisely in the topic Machine Learning and Automatic Translation. My main topics was Neural Machine Translation and language modelling.

On the Machine learning side, I'm interested in Deep-Learning (as quite everyone but I've started earlier), Bayesian modeling (parametric and non-parametric), Conditional Random Fields, …


The ongoing projects:

  • Parsiti, ANR project
  • QT21, H2020 project

PhD students


  • Iskander Legheraba (with Clément Royer), start September 2020
  • Alexis Cvetkov-Iliev (with Gaël Varoquaux)
  • Syrielle Montariol (expected defense in January 2021)
  • Aina Gari-Soler


  • Nadi Tomeh
  • Le Hai-Son
  • Nicolas Pécheux
  • Quoc Khanh Do
  • Matthieu Labeau
  • Kevin Löser